Joshua Levinberg

Joshua Levinberg

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Joshua Levinberg - Israeli Entrepreneur and Businessman

Israeli businessman Joshua Levinberg serves today as the Senior Advisor for Business Development and Corporate Strategy of Gilat Satellite Networks – a company Levinberg co-founded over 20 years ago.


Personal Background


Growing up in Tel Aviv, located in central Israel, Joshua Levinberg matriculated at the highly acclaimed Tel Aviv University, studying engineering. His Bachelor of Science degree was in electrical engineering and electronics, and his education there has formed the foundation of his career ever since, for though he chose not to work as an engineer for more then few years, the companies he has become involved with have mainly centered around technology and Telecommunications.



A few more personal facts


When recently questioned, Joshua Levinberg revealed a few personal facts and admitted being impressed by popular proverbs that enter the industry from time to time. Sometimes during meetings, he would make a note of these expressions in his notebook. His dream to publish these sayings never materialized but the title he envisioned for his book was "When the Shit hits the Fan". While on the topic of writing, Levinberg confesses that he has given up correcting people who make grammatical mistakes in business meetings but sometimes he cannot help himself, finding it hard to resist temptation. Levinberg declares that in his next life he would like to be a saxophonist and after that - a ski instructor


Exceptional Entrepreneur


Joshua Levinberg has made an impact in numerous companies, the prime example being Gilat Satellite networks. After co-founding the company back in 1987, he remained in an active role, and has grown over the past 23 years alongside this jewel of an organization, serving a variety of roles as VP of Marketing and Business Development, Executive VP and General Manager of a Gilat subsidiary, Senior VP of Business Development and his current role today as Senior Advisor for Business Development and Corporate Strategy. With each new role, Levinberg expanded his skills as a leader and a businessman, and brought his strategic mind, powerful intuition and strong negotiation skills and experience to his work.Proving his consistent leadership skills, Joshua Levinberg recently put together an acquisition package that unites Gilat with the successful producer of amplifiers powered by satellite - Wavestream. This merger will move Gilat closer to the forefront of the global military market, including governmental agencies, and that of the US in particular. The amplifiers are significant in the satellite market and those produced by Wavestream are among the best in the industry due to their tight design and reliable degree of efficiency in high-powered transmissions.


Gilat, known on the NASDAQ index as GILT, is a software designer and developer and a leader in their specialized field of communication solutions. Their solutions for satellite services and hybrid networking systems are sold throughout the world to both end users and telecommunication operators large and small.


Gilat was by no means the only company to benefit from Levinberg’s savvy business sense. Levinberg also Co- founded Global Village Telecom (GVT). Based in Brazil, GVT was founded with the purpose of providing solutions in the realms of Internet and Telecommunications. Besides being the founder, Levinberg also served as company’s first CEO. The company’s launch and continued success culminated in is acquisition by Vivendi for the massive sum of $4 billion.


Joshua Levinberg was also involved with Kasamba as both an investor and member of the board from the time of its inception. The online advice service was very successful and in 2007 LivePerson (NASDQ-LPSN) succeeded in acquiring the company in exchange for $40 million. The company is still forging ahead as the merger of the two companies provide customers with the opportunity to chat live with experts along with its professional basket of online services. He is the chairman of another Israeli company that he co-founded, Agropeace Bio Ltd., which helps to develop the biodiesel energy market by harvesting oil from castor seeds grown in Africa.

Joshua and Amiran Levinberg entered the business world as co-founders of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a public communications company now worth over $200 million. Recently, the Levinberg brothers have turned their attention to a new project: JAL Ventures, a venture capital fund for up-and-coming companies. The Israel-based fund will invest in enterprises with at least $1 million in annual sales, mostly in the high-tech, B2B (business-to-business), and security sectors. By investing in companies that have already begun to thrive but have not yet reached their full potential, JAL Ventures can catapult a small business to success while protecting the assets of shareholders and investors.


Leaving a Trail of Success


Another company Joshua Levinberg co-founded was Satlynx SA, which provides satellite communication services and solutions. There he acted as Chairman of the board. JAL Ventures is another one of Levinberg’s ‘brainchild’ – a company that invests in promising new startups and which has several successful ventures to its name, including, GoNetworks, DenTack, Xsight Systems and Matan Digital Printers. is an online clearinghouse for fashion and design items of every imaginable type – big and growing bigger and more successful every day. GoNetworks is a hi-tech startup that offers solutions for customers needing broadband outdoor WiFi access to be used in large scale deployments. Dentack is a promising company that develops an exciting solution for patients requiring special dental implants. Their unique technology is currently patent pending. Xsight Systems are also a leading provider of technology. They are focused on the FOD (foreign object debris) detection market, providing equipment for detection and surveillance in airports and other transportation hubs. Matan Digital Printers is a leading provider of wide format high quality color digital printing solutions using technologies that are friendly to the environment.


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